Meskwaki Settlement School joins in!

Hoa! (Which is “Hallo” in German)

We are the children and youth of the proud Meskwaki Nation in Iowa. Our tribe was almost extinct in the 19th century; but we have survived and live to see a revival! Here are some snapshots of our youngest and oldest students of our settlement school – join us for some first impressions of our culture, traditions and values:

We have collected questions for you – and we hope to hear from you soon!

Akhoi from the Meskwaki Settlement!

Many thanks to Kay, Jonathan Buffalo, Tylor, to Meskwaki Youth Centre, the Meskwaki Tribal Centre, the Meskwaki Settlement School, to Ursula Ruedenberg of KHOI radio in Ames / Pacifica radio network and everybody that made this project possible.

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