Children’s rights – across the Atlantic!

IMG_6925Dear friends in America,

we have talked about children’s rights on our side of the Atlantic; here in Germany and also in Kenya, Africa. Now; here are our questions to you:

  • How are the children’s rights in America, actually?
  • What children’s rights do you have in United States?
  • Do you have children’s rights in the USA, anyway?

We would be happy to hear from you!
Greetings from primary school Alt-Karow in Berlin, Germany!


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Hello Los Feliz LA! This 5b Berlin!

DSC04075Group ohne

We are the 5b allstars from Berlin!

First, we found out it is quite a way from your school to ours …   😉

DSC04024Teute5b GlobeNext, we we very excited to see your photos and receive your drawings!



Then, we took your artwork home – and came back with our responses. Some of us finished YOUR drawings.

DSC04051Teute5bDSC04060Teute5bYou sent us a drawing about your favorite food – here is our response:

DSC04050Teute5bFood USA GermanyOthers came up with own creations.

DSC04068Teute5b GLobeDSC04044Teute5bThus, we created a wonderful Transatlantic Arts collaboration! 🙂


We gave our best to answer your questions.


And: we even blogged for you!

We are sooooo excited – and greatly looking forward to hearing from you soon!


The 5b of Berlin primary school Grundschule am Teutoburger Platz! 🙂

Then, we

Amiel  Isabel Celina Pauline Xénia

Lucia Tahir Juls Rosalie

Maksym Amitai Ruth Noemi Frida Paula

Max Elias Elia Vincent RICHARD:)

Emil Wanja

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LA: Our Bruin Club and our community school

Hello from Los Angeles! We are the Bruin Club, the afternoon club of our Community School.

DSC01908 Community School pix BerlinMany thanks for your paintings, dear friends in Berlin, Germany! It was exciting to learn about you and have your works in our hands!

DSC01920 Community SchoolCome on, we lead you around our school!

DSC01890 Community School

This is how it looks like.

DSC01904 Community School

And here, you can see the famous HOLLYWOOD sign, not too far away. We see it from our schoolyard. Can you see it, too?

DSC01915 Community SchoolWe love our school!

DSC01900 Community SchoolDSC01893 Community SchoolDSC01892 Community SchoolDSC01913 Community SchoolDSC01927 Community School

DSC01902 Community SchoolThis place has a sad history: Senator Robert Kennedy was shot and killed here… 🙁

This place is to commemorate him:

DSC01922 Community School RFK Vitrine

Our fantastic library is dedicated to him. It is a wonderful place to learn and have fun.

DSC01931 Community School

DSC01930 Community SchoolThat’s it for the moment – we hope, you have enjoyed the time with us. We cannot wait to hear from you! Byebye from Los Angeles! 🙂

DSC01906 Community School

Many thanks to Marjorie Faulstich, UCLA and UCLinks for this wonderful project!

UC Links logo

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LA: Summit prep charter school joins in!

This gallery contains 29 photos.

Hello from South Los Angeles! Welcome to Summit Preparatory Charter School! We are happy join the Transatlantic School Initiative – now, its our turn! Here are some impressions of how we respond to the questions from our peers in our … Continue reading

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Los Feliz School LA: Hello sister city peers! :)

This gallery contains 46 photos.

Dear friends in Germany! We are the Los Feliz School in Los Angeles. Los Feliz means “The happy ones”. And YES, we are very happy: Many thanks for your drawings! We gave our very best to send some nice drawings … Continue reading

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Our Transatlantic school song!

This gallery contains 18 photos.

Hi everyone! Guess what: We have created our own school song! It is dedicated to our new friends in Germany, the Radio Foxes in Hamburg! We wrote the lyrics ourselves (ok, with a little help by our teacher David) and … Continue reading

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Uni Los Angeles: Transatlantic Masterclass!

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Meet some education masterminds of today – and tomorrow! It was a great honor to share our work and the achievements of the Radijojo kids in Germany and across the globe with you, dear friends at University of California Los … Continue reading

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Lafayette: Transatlantic Youth Future Council!

Greetings from Lafayette, California! Welcome to the Transatlantic Youth Future Council – here at Stanley Middle School!

How will the world look like in 2030? How can we contribute to make it a green, safe, fair and peaceful planet? We had a series of sessions here in our school, with Thomas Röhlinger, who is not only Founder of Radijojo but also one of the Global Experts of UN Alliance of Civilizations, member of the Advisory Board of the Clobal Education Conference and part of the UNESCO/UN Alliance of Civilizations network for Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue. So, we have a good postman for our ideas! We came up with tons of good proposals: From new traffic systems to sustainable management of trees to the support for the developing world – we had it all in. (Here, you find some snapshots of only a part of the sessions.)

These Transatlantic Youth Future Council sessions in Lafayette are our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And we are greatly looking forward to what our new German peers think about our ideas, and what their suggestions may be.

So: Join us to create a new unique Transatlantic collaboration! Stay tuned – and raise your voice!

The students from Lafayette, California.

Many thanks to our fantastic teacher Claudia Windfuhr – and to the American Association of Teachers of German that brought us all together!

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LA Grant School Hollywood

This gallery contains 27 photos.

Big times in Hollywood! We, the thirdgraders of Grant Elementary, have answered many questions of our new friends in Berlin, our sister city. We have created countless drawings – and we have asked many questions back. We hope you like … Continue reading

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The 1st Hamburg-Chicago bridge!

Thadenstrasse_HamburgProjekt (1)Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the first Transatlantic school radio bridge in history!
The children of Thadenstraße primary school in Hamburg (above) have asked questions. We, the students of North Country Day school in Winnetka, Illinois (in the Chicago region) have answered them – and asked maaaany qestions back!

Hamburg Chicago

DSC03487Group 1And guess what: A few days later, our common radio show was aired in real radio, in Hamburg’s community station TIDE – how awesome is that?!?!?

TIDERADIO_Logo_gruen_400We learned a lot about….. Germany….

DSC03492….and about making radio!

DSC03628Record3(Did you know, what a hot clock is? And how you create international radio shows with partners like Radio Foxes in Hamburg and Pacifica radio in the US?)

HotclockAs another highlight, we presented our Transatlantic project to our whole school.


And now…..
ENJOY our audio for all of you in Hamburg and all students across the Ocean!

Here are our questions for you:

What are your names? Old are you? Do you have any pets? What is the weather like now? What school do you go to? What is school like in Germany? How long is your school day? What subjects are popular in school? What languages do you learn in school? How is your school organized? What is your favorite book? What movies and TV shows do you like? What is the food like in Germany? And: Do you love Hamburgers?

Greetings to our new friends at Thadenstraße in Hamburg! We are greatly looking forward to hearing from you, again!
Many thanks to the Florian and Steffi and the Radiofüchse (Radio Foxes) crew in Hamburg!

Radiofüchse Logo

Last but not least: Many thanks to our Teacher David Green and to Radijojo!

Third Grade Audio Logo

We are Third Grade Audio – the young voices of North Shore Country Day Day School – thanks for listening! 🙂

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