Meskwaki Youth invite you!



Greetings from Meskwaki Youth in Iowa! Welcome everyone, it is a pleasure to share some time with you here on our settlement, which is owned by our tribe. The Meskwaki („the people of the red earth“) were almost extinct in the 19th century; we went through hard times… – But we survived, and now, we can live our culture and at the same time enjoy modern life: In our youth centre, our school, our settlement’s nature. It is great to be in contact with you now, and we are greatly looking forward to hearing from you soon! Greetings to our new friends in Kölleda / Thuringia; in whole Germany and Europe!

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Akhoi! (= „See you soon“; we don’t say „goodbye“ in our language)

Many thanks to Kay, Jonathan Buffalo, Tylor, to Meskwaki Youth Centre, the Meskwaki Tribal Centre, the Meskwaki Settlement School, to Ursula Ruedenberg of KHOI radio in Ames / Pacifica radio network and everybody that made this project possible.


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