Hamburg<->Chicago: arts, poetry – and beyond..!


Dear friends of North Shore Country Day school, many thanks for your drawings! We love them! Some were not finished – so we have worked with them and turned it into TRANSATLANTIC CHILDREN’S ART!

dsc05055  dsc05052(see more pix below!)

Many thanks for your poem that you just sent to us – this will be a wonderful continuation of our collaboration between our younger students, once we have left for middle school after fourth grade. And we promise to be your sister city ambassadors in all the schools in Hamburg that we attend from new school year on! May this be the beginning of a loooong frienship! Here are the lyrics of your poem; inspired by Shihab Nye. Maybe, we can continue it….?

I made all the leaves fall

I stepped into a cave

I built a snowman

I danced like a wall

I made all the flowers spell my name

I found some magic mist on a full moon, blue moon

I broke off a branch, sat on it and flew away

I balanced 10,000,000 pinecones on top of each other

I made pictures with grass

I shot a hockey puck

I sprayed dust on the blue button and watched it grow

I wrote my name in a dandelion; only butterflies could read it

I threw flower petals

I jumped on letters to make some words

I flew 200,000 feet up in the air

I poured two bottles of apple juice over my name and set my watch for fifteen

minutes and sat there

I played hockey for an hour

I went to my favorite flower, picked it and laid it on the blue button I buried

I did five cartwheels and spun around

I ran into the sun

I made a fire

I walked in a circle five times

I made a tower of logs

I took a pencil and wrote a line until there was no more pencil lead

I walked away

I disappeared


dsc05038-copy dsc05041-copy dsc05042-copy dsc05043 dsc05044 dsc05045 dsc05046 dsc05047 dsc05048 dsc05049 dsc05051  dsc05053 dsc05054  dsc05056

Your sister city peers from Grundschule Thadenstraße in Hamburg- St. Pauli. Tschüß und bis bald! See you soon! 🙂


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