Making of Pacifica Sprouts radio show

dsc06595Welcome to a world premier! Join us in the making of the first ever Transatlantic School radio show, made by students in the US and Germany. Imagine: Our show  will be (knock on wood….) broadcast on both continents via Pacifica radio in the States and ALEX community radio in Berlin.

pacifica-logo sprouts-logo-kopieThe invitation came from Ursula Ruedenberg, one of Pacifica’s leaders. She has been a friend of Radijojo for a long time, and she made the link to the Meskwaki Nation in Iowa for our project. Ursula has invited us to produce a “Sprouts” show, which is the format for upcoming radio talents. – And now, we go for it!

dsc03184Here, you see the Kölleda middle school crew creating a first radio hotclock for the show: What elements are in such a show? Yes: Jingles, the radio hosts’ presentations, reports – and music!

dsc06594dsc06610Our show is pretty unique, as it has so many elements from so many different schools, choirs and youth centres both in the US and Germany….  all put together in a common show!

dsc06599Ok, time for recording! More soon. Wish us good luck, everyone!    dsc06601   dsc06607

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