Our questions for our American peers

Hi there!

We are the Radijojo Berlin schools allstars 2016 – and we have tons of questions for you. Pleeeeeze answer them for us – we would be so happy to hear from you soon! 🙂

Is America beautiful?

Is America very big? And how many inhabitants do you have, approximately?

How is it in America?

What famous sights do you have in America?

We already know Statue of Liberty. and Brooklyn Bridge. One of us is convinced that Eiffel Tower is a famous American sight, too. Is that true?

One of us wants to know whether the monster Nessie really exists. (But if yes: would that actually be in America? Maybe you have an American Nessie?) 😉

How is food in America? Do you have a traditional meal or dessert?

One of us believes to know that you only have hamburgers.

What languages do the children learn in school? German, French? Is English the mother tongue of the students? What is your mother tongue? Can you speak Turkish?

How did your teacher learn German?

Why are American English and British English so different?

What subjects do you have in school?

Do you have kindergarten and pre-school, too?

I have heard that in America, everything is bit bigger. Is that actually true?

How is the weather?

Why are there so many stars on the flag, and why is there red and white stripes?

Do you have gymnasium in America, too? At what age can you go to gymnasium (this is a school type on higher performance level, starting either from 5th or 7th grade up to 12th or 13th in Germany)

At what age do you enter school?

Why do you actually live in America?

Have you ever seen an UFO? 🙂

At what age are you allowed to drive a car?

Do you have many foreigners in America?

Do you like Berlin? Is your town as international as Berlin?

In your countries, there are many weapons. Are you afraid if one of them is used?

I have heard that children in America get a weapon at their tenth birthday. Is that true?

Is it true that America sends out weapons to lead wars?

Do you have war with other countries?

Are you afraid of war?

Do you know Youtube? Do you have a laptop?

Have you ever seen a famous person?

Have you ever been to Germany?

Could you maybe visit us one day in Berlin?

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