Kölleda to Meskwaki peers, vol. 2


Hello! 🙂 How are you? Welcome to Kölleda, our nice little town in central Germany! Kölleda is more than 1200 years old. It existed long before Columbus “discovered” what was then called “America”.  Here are some snapshots:


DSC04517That’s our school building. It was a bank before. (But unfortunately, they did not leave the money in the huge bank safe….)  Now, it is under construction. DSC04510


That’s our library. It is already renovated – a wonderful place to read and learn.  On the next picture, you see us….. learning the names of the colors in your language Meskwaki! From what we know, we assume that we are the very first German kids ever in history who have tried this….! DSC04656DSC04654We have so many questions for you. And we would be very very happy to hear from you soon! Akhoi! Your friend from the Kölleda-Thüringia-Germany nation 🙂


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