Hello from Kölleda middle & high school!

dsc06607Dear new friends of the Meskwaki Nation in Iowa!

A few days ago, we had no idea what Meskwaki would be. And now, we have found new friends across the Ocean! It was so incredible to learn about your culture! Thomas of Radijojo went to our school 4 decades ago. And now, he came back – and helped us to link with you.

Remember the days when he visited you? Below, you find some pix as a little reminder! 😉

Now, the circle has closed – we are connected. We are greatly looking forward to learning and making friends with you!

Your students from Prof. Fritz Hoffmann Gymnasium in Kölleda/ Thüringia, Germany.


dsc03240 dsc03073 dsc03200dsc03218dsc03093dsc03215

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