Hello Los Feliz LA! This 5b Berlin!

DSC04075Group ohne

We are the 5b allstars from Berlin!

First, we found out it is quite a way from your school to ours …   😉

DSC04024Teute5b GlobeNext, we we very excited to see your photos and receive your drawings!



Then, we took your artwork home – and came back with our responses. Some of us finished YOUR drawings.

DSC04051Teute5bDSC04060Teute5bYou sent us a drawing about your favorite food – here is our response:

DSC04050Teute5bFood USA GermanyOthers came up with own creations.

DSC04068Teute5b GLobeDSC04044Teute5bThus, we created a wonderful Transatlantic Arts collaboration! 🙂


We gave our best to answer your questions.


And: we even blogged for you!

We are sooooo excited – and greatly looking forward to hearing from you soon!


The 5b of Berlin primary school Grundschule am Teutoburger Platz! 🙂

Then, we

Amiel  Isabel Celina Pauline Xénia

Lucia Tahir Juls Rosalie

Maksym Amitai Ruth Noemi Frida Paula

Max Elias Elia Vincent RICHARD:)

Emil Wanja

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