LA: Our Bruin Club and our community school

Hello from Los Angeles! We are the Bruin Club, the afternoon club of our Community School.

DSC01908 Community School pix BerlinMany thanks for your paintings, dear friends in Berlin, Germany! It was exciting to learn about you and have your works in our hands!

DSC01920 Community SchoolCome on, we lead you around our school!

DSC01890 Community School

This is how it looks like.

DSC01904 Community School

And here, you can see the famous HOLLYWOOD sign, not too far away. We see it from our schoolyard. Can you see it, too?

DSC01915 Community SchoolWe love our school!

DSC01900 Community SchoolDSC01893 Community SchoolDSC01892 Community SchoolDSC01913 Community SchoolDSC01927 Community School

DSC01902 Community SchoolThis place has a sad history: Senator Robert Kennedy was shot and killed here… 🙁

This place is to commemorate him:

DSC01922 Community School RFK Vitrine

Our fantastic library is dedicated to him. It is a wonderful place to learn and have fun.

DSC01931 Community School

DSC01930 Community SchoolThat’s it for the moment – we hope, you have enjoyed the time with us. We cannot wait to hear from you! Byebye from Los Angeles! 🙂

DSC01906 Community School

Many thanks to Marjorie Faulstich, UCLA and UCLinks for this wonderful project!

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