LA: Summit prep charter school joins in!

Hello from South Los Angeles! Welcome to Summit Preparatory Charter School!

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We are happy join the Transatlantic School Initiative – now, its our turn! Here are some impressions of how we respond to the questions from our peers in our sister city Berlin, and of our Transatlantic arts club.
We are greatly looking forward to receiving your answers to our questions! Here they are:

Do you like your school and do you have fun?
What kind of food do you have in Germany?
What is your favorite football team?
What is your favorite soccer teeam ?
What education do they give you over there?
Are your teachers nice to you?
Do you have subjects?
What kinds of subjects do you have in school?
What is your favorite subject?
Do you have a mascot?
Why is Germany  called Germany?
What kinds of things do you do in Germany?
What is your capital?
What type of food do you eat when it is time to eat with your family?
Do you guys have reading groups`
What kinds of traditions do you have?
What days do you have, like Christmas?
What do you learn?
Is it sometimes wet in Germany?
Is it sometimes raining a lot?
Does Germany have good climate like in LA?
Do you have tutoring classes after school?
Do you have social studies and science and writing?
If you have social studies: What do learn about Germany in the old times?
If you have science class, what do you learn?
If you have reading class, do you learn about history?
Have you detected an animal in Science?
What do you like of Germany?
Have you done  many projects?
What kind of technology do you have in Germany?
What kind of drinks do you have in Germany?
What kind of stuff do you have to play with?
Do you learn about history ?
Do you have reading, Do you have learned about the Mayflower?
Do you have pizza in Germany, and what kinds of toppings do you put on top of i, if you dot?
If you have science, what kinds of experiments do you in Germany? If you do tell us one of them.
Does Santa Claus come to your house at Christmas?

Many thanks to our school, to UCLA, UC Links and Marjorie Faulstich for this intercontinental school adventure!

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