Los Feliz School LA: Hello sister city peers! :)

DSC01803 Berlin dankeDSC01795 Group

Dear friends in Germany! We are the Los Feliz School in Los Angeles. Los Feliz means “The happy ones”. And YES, we are very happy: Many thanks for your drawings! We gave our very best to send some nice drawings back to you. And we love to meet you again soon, answering questions back and forth! Here are our first questions to you:

My question is how your school routine goes.
What do you guys eat in Berlin?
Is Germany fun like the United States?
What’s your hobby?
What is your most favorite thing to do in Berlin?
What’s your favorite holiday in Germany?
Why do people call Berlin Berlin?
When does your school day end?
How does Berlin look like? Do you like it?

Greetings to all of you, in our sister city Berlin and all across Germany!

DSC01775 Einstein girls betterDSC01801 TV tower

Many thanks to our teacher Leslie, and to Marjorie Faulstich, UCLA and UC Links who brought us all together! 🙂

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